Friday, May 11, 2012

ALL things

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. --Romans 8:28

Here's a recap of the Gregory household over the past 2 weeks:
Tuesday 4/24 - Beau ran fever - up to 103.7
Thursday 4/26 - Lydia woke up throwing up
Saturday 4/28 - Beau threw up all afternoon
Wednesday 5/2 - Jonathan's throat got sore
Thursday 5/3 - Lydia threw up all night
Friday 5/4 - Beau started coughing
Saturday 5/5 - Jonathan went to the clinic for a sinus infection/headcold
Saturday 5/5 - Beau went to the clinic for his cough
Sunday 5/6 - My ear started to fill due to sinus pressure
Monday 5/7 - Lydia began sniffling and my throat got sore
Tuesday 5/8 - I went to the doctor for a sinus infection/headcold
Thursday 5/10 - Lydia went to the doctor with cough/fever/sniffles right after field day
Thursday 5/10 - Beau went to the doctor because of persistent cough right after field day

As of right now, all four of us are on antibiotics and over the past week we've all taken or been on some form of steroid to help clear us up.  I am barely out of bed today b/c of the severe sinus pressure due to my cold and the pressure it is putting on my ear.  A headcold is bad enough but a headcold with Meniere's Disease is extremely bad.  Since Meniere's Disease causes excess fluid in the middle ear and a headcold brings with it excess fluid, there is extra pressure on my vestibular nerve right now causing lots of dizziness.  So not only do I feel awful with a cold, I'm spinning too.

So, I'm writing today from a low spot, but I still feel compelled to write.  My family has been sick for weeks and we can't seem to shake it.  I have to remind myself of Romans 8:28 that God works in ALL things.  So, I take comfort that 1) God is working actively on my behalf, 2) He's working in everything and 3) He's working for my GOOD... not my comfort, pleasure or happiness.  But I sit here in tears wondering why I can't get well and wondering why now my family seems to be suffering physically.  How can this be that you are working for my good, God?

My inclination is to get angry or to let the tears flow without reason.  But I'm reminded of this verse:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. --Proverbs 3:5

I can't get mad, I can't ask why, I can't try and fix it... I just have to TRUST and not rely on what I think should be the case.  Somehow in all of this, God is working for my good and for the good of my family.

And I feel guilty because I'm bogged down by my pity-party.  I have some things to be really thankful for this week.  A HUGE blessing was to attend Beau & Lydia's field day at school yesterday; two weeks ago I probably wouldn't have made it there at all. 

Field Day 5/10/12
Also, in the past week, I have had so many people do so much for my family, my gratitude cannot be expressed.  In the past week, the following people have brought me food, driven me around, picked up my kids and entertained my kids for me:  my Faulk & Foster family, Vicky, Amy, Tracy, Melonie, Mike, Diana, Beth, Carol, Candra - this is just in the past week!

And finally, my mom... she has driven me around (as usual) but ALSO she has taken my entire list of shopping for Walmart and Brookshires and stocked my pantry and fridge - yes, she has done all of my grocery and supply shopping for me.  Again, this is in addition to running me and my kids places all the time.  Thank you, mom, for everything!

Thank you for your continued prayers.  They mean the world to me, as do all the texts, cards, e-mails and notes.  Please pray that I will keep things in perspective and be thankful for all the good in my life. 

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