Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012

WOW!  Prior to last week, I had not spent a night away from this house in over a year.  Talk about feeling couped up!  But now we're home and settling back in from a wonderful and unique summer vacation. This is the first summer in my entire life (well, since we moved to FL when I was 5) that I have not been to the beach.  At first I was extremely bummed, but now I am looking forward to future summers spent seeing other parts of the country.  Having been and gone away for a few days I realize that I would not have been able to take the stress, heat and exhaustion of the beach.  God always knows what he's doing and he has a great way of opening our minds and hearts up to new opportunities!

This year we ended up in Heber Springs, AR.  It's about an hour north of Little Rock at the foot of Round Mountain; population 7196.  Greers Ferry Lake and Little Red River are there.

Before we left, we were a little worried that we may not have enough to do there and that we may get a little cabin fever.  That was far from the case.  It was great for the kids to see a different part of the world too!  Here are a few highlights and pics from our trip:

We saw deer outside the house every day/evening:

We found a "beach" on Greers Ferry Lake (a 40,000 acre lake)...

We found a playground...

We found a fair...

Lydia got the pedi she's been waiting for all summer...

My vestibular function (vertigo) was tested to the limit (yes, I took all of these MYSELF!):

That's "Little Red River" running through WAAAAAAAY down below (look hard)

As you can see, we were far from bored.  It was awesome!  If you ever decide to head to Arkansas for a vacation, keep reading.

Some things you should know about Arkansas:
1) They serve "Slushies" not "Icees".  Blue-slushie-tongues:

2) They serve Pepsi not Coke (which is really un-American)
3) "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" is merely a suggestion.  Look closely in the background of this picture.  That is a hairy dude at a YOGURT TOPPING BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In spite of the yogurt bar incident, I am so thankful for a great trip!

A few updates on life with Meniere's:
  • The doctor at Mayo called (almost 2 weeks ago) and said we should hear something within  2 weeks (so that window has passed) about an appointment.  He speculated we would get up there sometime at the end of September or early October.  Jonathan will follow-up with him this week.
  • I have been completely off ALL dizzy meds for TEN DAYS!  This is a BIG DEAL!  The greatest part is that during this time I've had some phenomenal days of functioning almost normally.  I have been working really hard on my vestibular rehab while being off the meds so that I can get that nerve as strong as possible.
  • Yesterday and today I have taken a few steps back from where I was last week.  I am a little bummed b/c I really thought I had turned a corner.  But I know I have to keep perspective and a) be SO thankful that my best days of the summer were during vacation and b) know that it's been a long, hard road and that a few setbacks during recovery is reasonable.
Please PRAY that the breakthrough days I had last week will continue. 
Please PRAY that yesterday and today are just minor bumps in the road and that my forward progress will keep going. 
Please PRAY that I will not have to take any more of this medicine for a VERY LONG time (if ever again).
Please PRAY that God will continue to work out details of the Mayo trip. 
Please PRAY that as God continues His work in me that I will be willing to continue to wait on Him, that I will not get frustrated with setbacks and that I will continue to trust completely in His timing.  A good friend reminded me today that:

"...He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."  ---Philippians 1:6


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