Sunday, July 8, 2012

Unexpected Blessings

Sing to the Lord, for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world.
---Isaiah 12:4-5

As you know, I've been going through vestibular rehabilitation therapy (vrt) to strengthen my damaged vestibular nerve and get rid of this daily dizziness.  Some of the greatest blessings have come through this and I want to share some of those with you:

1) Melanie Massey Physical Therapy (MMPT) - what should be a place of great sadness because of the physical infirmities all around is a place of peace and joy.  With 88.7 The Cross radio playing in the background, patients singing Jesus Loves Me and EVERY employee (the ones I've seen anyway) with a SMILE and kind word ALWAYS, there is such peace there.  And don't get me wrong... I HATE therapy as much as the others that are there I'm sure.  It's pushing our bodies to limits that make us uncomfortable.  Yet, I always leave there feeling better (mentally and spiritually) then when I came.  I've had therapists other than my own come and work with me (Becky) in the hopes of finding other answers that may help me.  On a really bad day recently when I was crying and frustrated, one of the therapists, Brian, walked by the room I was in and just hollered out, "I'm praying for you Nicole!"  It was more encouraging than I'm sure he even knows.  From day 1 when Krystal was so kind to get me set up for my first appointment to Mrs. Bev working with me on my weekly schedule, they are always so kind and helpful.  And that's just the activity in the adult building...

Lydia is also in PT right now for her "toe-walking."  It's an extremely minor "infirmity" but we've got to get her flat-footed!  Every person there in the children's building - Robin, Renee, Melanie, Jessica, Madison, Courtney - are so happy when they see Lydia.  It's such a comfort as a mom to see others who love your children and who want to work with them to make them better.

To know what the people at MMPT see on a daily basis - so many physically and mentally impaired people, including children - yet to still spread joy and kindness, they are very special people and I am so thankful for them.

Be joyful always.  ---1 Thessalonians 5:16

2) The patients at MMPT are blessing me beyond measure.  We all "work out" in a big open area, rotating around the room as we need so we can work at different stations.  We don't know each other, yet we cheer each other on, clap for accomplishments and congratulate each other.  I don't know the conditions of the other patients but I know they are a lot worse off than me - some with severe physical limitations, some with mental limitations and other limitations I probably don't even know about... Scotty, Kim, Tony, Mr. Joe - these are some that I have been praying for, even though I don't know them and they don't know me.  I love seeing their accomplishments and hearing them cheer for me too!  I love when Kim walks her "laps" around the floor singing "Jesus Loves Me."  I love hearing Tony's jokes and jabs.  I love Mr. Joe's stories and poems.  And it's fun when Scotty tries to throw me off when I'm doing one of my balances exercises with my eyes closed.  It has been truly humbling to see these others push through great obstacles - and with such joy and strength.

I got the greatest blessing of all on Thursday.  Kim's therapist asked her if she wanted to play the piano and Kim said yes.  I assumed it was just another exercise to help strengthen muscles.  I expected Chopsticks, Doe-a-Deer or Mary Had a Little Lamb.  Stephanie, Kim's therapist, plugged in the electric keyboard, and the next thing I heard was beautiful music.  To watch Kim struggle through so many exercises on a regular basis and then to hear such talent coming from what I thought were damaged fingers - it was overwhelming.  If I had not been standing on a rocker board (pseudo-surfing motion) throwing and catching a ball across the room to Bobby, I would have sat down and cried.  In the midst of our pain and troubles, God continues to surprise and awe me.  Beautiful is the only way I can describe it.

If you are ever having a bad day, complaining about something in your life or mad at God b/c of something trivial, come spend an hour at MMPT.  You will be encouraged and you will be humbled.

3) Summer - I could write a book about my therapist.  She cares deeply about my healing and progress - as she does for all of her patients.  She is not just my therapist, she is my friend, sounding board and prayer warrior.  Outside of Jonathan and my mom, she knows what I'm going through better than anyone.  She understands (to the best anyone can) the weirdo nature of this condition and the roller-coaster.  She has sat in MMPT and held my hands and prayed for me while I cried, she checks in with me every single day without fail, she sends me scripture and she researches vestibular disorders like a mad-woman.  She probably knows more about them than any local doctor.  That's not a slight to local doctors, it's a fact.  She is tenacious.  She shares with me too, so I can pray for her.  It's awesome and a blessing to me.  If for no other reason, this disease has brought me a friend and a sister, and I am eternally grateful.

I know this blog is different, but I wanted to share that there is still beauty, hope and caring... in the midst of any trial and suffering.  There are still places and people in this world who care.  I've never seen water turned into wine, but I have seen and heard Kim play the piano and it was a reminder that God still works modern-day miracles.

And one day, I will be writing here that I am healed - completely and totally of dizziness, brain fog and "swimming in the head" - and you all will know someone who was given the gift of a modern-day miracle.  I believe the day is coming.  Even though this has been a pretty bad week, it's coming...

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful. ---Hebrews 10:23

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